Cut Out Vinyl Signage

CAD Cut Pigmented Vinyl

Cut out pigmented and specialist vinyl is mainly used for permanent signage and vehicle branding. It can be applied to a wide selection of surfaces including chromadek steel sheeting, ABS plastic, acrylics such as perpex and plexiglass, stainless steel, certain walls and ofcourse vehicles. Our cutter can cut up to 1310mm wide by any length in one piece. We have three types of pigmented vinyl for you to choose and each purpose specific. The options are eco monomeric, intermediate monomeric and super polymeric. Each have a quoted durability, 2 to 3 years, 3 to 5 years and 5 to 8 years respectively. It is well known that these vinyls generally outlast these numbers supplied by the manufacturers. If you are not sure about any of this pigmented vinyl cut out mumbo jumbo, don’t stress, you’re not alone, we will gladly help you choose the right one for your budget and application. With our cut out vinyl your imagination is free, lets design something spectacular together.

Uses, advantages and specifications

  • Window graphics
  • Vehicle branding
  • Large permanent signage
  • Accurately cut
  • Monomer and Polymeric Vinyls

What is CMYK?

CMYK is an ink format. Representing cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colours are then printed in certain percentages to make up all the colours on the print. Our machines have additional colours light cyan and light magenta allowing us a larger colour gamut. Another common ink configuration is RGB which represents, red, green and blue.

Accepted File Formats

If we are not going to be doing the design for you, we ask you to kindly send through your artwork in one of the following formats. PDf format published to scale, a Corel Draw file ensuring all fonts are converted to curves and a JPG image save to scale with a preferable resolution of 300dpi.

Rich Black vs 100% Black

A question that very few ask. In a CMYK ink system 100% black is printed using the black cartridge only. This makes for a slightly dull or flat black which is very acceptable however to make the black on your print a bit darker or "richer" we print using a combination of all colours including 100% black ink. Keep that in mind when doing your artwork. 

What is Font Outlining?

 If a font being used is not present on another system, the system automatically uses a default font and often without any warning. To guarantee the correct fonts are printed, all fonts should be outlined or converted to curves. However note that this makes the text uneditable. 

Coating Types

Various medias will have different coatings. All the media we use is coated specifically for the use in our machines. Things to keep in mind are if a media is glossy, it generally means it cannot be written on using ink pens. Other forms of coating are matte and UV standard or UV spot. 

What Media to Choose?

Well that is certainly up to you and should be thought of at the design stage. We have a wide variety of media for you to print on, such as vinyl, pvc, canvas, contravision, multiple types of paper, wallpaper and more. We are always here if you are uncertain or have any questions.

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